Anthems of War would not be possible if it was not for some of the small, medium, and large miniature and terrain manufactures and designers out there. As mentioned in the credits of the core rulebook, these companies are the companies that I specifically reached out to for permission to use their minis in the photography of the book. Because putting URLs in print is rarely a good idea this section is where we will keep an up to date list of links to miniature suppliers.

15mm Miniatures

15mm miniatures hold a special place in my heart. They’re smaller than the average miniatures you see in stores but they have just as much personality and are a very budget friendly method to build several battle ready armies for your table! While 15mm miniatures and 28mm miniatures are not compatible on the tabletop it is not uncommon to use 28mm miniatures as giants to fill out your force. This scale is perfect for those who want to get into wargaming but may be concerned with the space their miniatures and terrain take up.

Splintered Light Miniatures

Khurasan Miniatures

Alternative Armies

North Star Miniatures

Battle Valor Games

Ral Partha

28mm and 32mm Miniature Manufacturers

28mm and 32mm are the most popular scales for wargaming and depending on many factors are often interchangeable on the battlefield. Most major miniature manufacturers produce their miniatures in this scale. They tread the line between stunning detail and a good size to use on a table. While they are more expensive than 15mm miniatures they do provide a great base for any kind of army you would like to build. If you can’t find a specific model in 28mm or 32mm scale it probably doesn’t exist. There are too many companies for me to possibly list all of the major players in this space but the following companies are the ones I personally trust to provide amazing quality miniatures for the best prices.

Dark Sword Miniatures

Footsore Miniatures

Reaper Miniatures

Wargames Atlantic

Westfalia Miniatures

North Star Miniatures


Some of the miniatures in this book, like the ones from TytanTroll, and Vae Victis Miniatures, are 3D printed on a resin printer which is quickly becoming an amazing way to build forces for wargames. These artists charge a monthly fee, as low as 10 dollars, each month and in return you receive files for a handful of sculpted miniatures. They also have back catalogs of miniatures you can purchase for a price competitive with the companies producing physical miniatures. These files can be printed on a home resin printer for as little as 10 cents per model or most times they can be purchased from specific resellers. Not only do you get great models but every model month you subscribe you are helping a small business focusing on the hobby we all love. I have also included Desktop Hero and Eldritch Foundry on this list. Desktop Hero and Eldritch Foundry, along with several other similar sites allow you to build custom characters from parts, pose them and then either buy the miniatures directly or allow you to download the files to be 3D printed. Programs like this are an amazing way to build out a full force of miniatures without having to spend time searching the internet for specifics. You can just choose the parts you want, pose the character and then print!

TytanTroll Miniatures

Vae Victis Miniatures

Desktop Hero

Eldritch Foundry has graciously provided me with a coupon code for all of those looking to build custom characters using their site. They offer both STL files for home printing and professionally printed miniatures. You can use the code SENTIENTROBOT15 on their site to get a bit of money off your purchase.


Along with miniature manufactures there are a handful of 3D printed terrain companies that have been supportive through this entire process. They produce fantastic terrain for your gaming table. 3D printers have come down in price over the last several years and they are a great way to build out an entire table worth of terrain.

Infinite Dimensions games

Black Scrolls Games

EC3D Designs

Of course not all terrain needs to be 3D printed. A special thanks to Tabletop World for allowing me to show off some of their fantastic models in my book.

Some of the photos in this book were generously provided by Neil at Real Terrain Hobbies. Neil produces high quality terrain crafting videos that are approachable and easy to follow. His channel, and channels by creators like him, is a wonderful resource to start down the road of crafting your own terrain.

If you are as big of a fan of DIY terrain as I am Hirst Arts provides silicone molds to cast your own bricks out of easy to obtain casting plaster. Buildings and ruins made from those bricks are featured several times in this book.


Several online communities are to thank for bringing this game to life.

Tabletop Crafters United Discord

Anthems of War Discord

Anthems of War Facebook