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Below are PDF versions of the most common tokens, cards and rulers needed to play Anthems of War. While these tokens were created as official resources they are not required to play the game and it may be a good idea to keep other generic tokens around for tracking things like spell effects and objectives. Tokens can be crafted from any materials you have on hand, and well crafted set of tokens can unify the theme of any army you happen to create. Print these files at the scale they are provided in order to be sure things like the ruler and cone template are correctly sized.

Paper miniatures, or standees, are nothing new. They provide a quick and cheap way to try out new factions, loadouts and ideas. The links below provide a handful of miniatures and bases you can print at home or at a nearby print shop. New standees will be added over time, so check back here often for new standees.

If you want custom color schemes or if you want to adjust these standees to suit your needs the raw files are zipped below. These files were originally created using Inkscape and that program will work well for any edits you may want to do.

3D printing your own terrain can be pretty great. If you own a 3D printer and want some official Anthems of War terrain the zip file below contains a set of ruins, some barrels and wooden crates, pillars, and even a mimic! Some of these files may need supports.