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Relive the tales of fantastic battles as sung by rival bards, each trying to outdo the other through grand embellishments. Perhaps a fog bank conveniently rolls in, concealing your sneaking rogue; perhaps a great storm douses the bow strings of an elven archer and her companions, stopping their plan to rain arrows from above in its tracks. And who could forget the song of the common soldier heroically stepping up to lead an army after their commander was consumed by a wall of flame? Is it true? Does it matter? History is written by the victors, after all.

Through these narrative elements, you create endless scenarios. No battle will ever be the same.

Minotaur breaking open a gate
A miniature skirmish

Anthems of War was designed using 15mm, 28mm and 32mm scale miniatures on one inch bases from a variety of ranges. These scales are the most common scales of miniatures for tabletop play with 28mm and 32mm being the most common. Other scales of miniatures and shapes of bases can be used with little to no modification to the rules. It is recommended that both you and your opponent use the same scale of miniatures and type of bases to keep play simple and fair.

Inside the core rulebook you will find:

  • A set of quick start rules you can use to play your first few battles
  • Standard rules that you can slowly add to your quick start battles to ramp up the complexity of your play
  • Instructions for building any character you can dream up, including sample weapons, equipment and character profiles you can use as a base for your own creations
  • A robust magic system with over 120 unique spells across 13 spell schools
  • 14 scenarios you can use as stand alone games or woven together as part of a campaign
four horsemen

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