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Anthems of War is Live!


Its launch day!

First, I want to say thank you to each and every one of you that has followed this project over the last few years. This has been a long time coming and I am so glad to see this game finally get in the hands of all the folks that have been a part of this (fairly small) community.

What should you expect?
The physical edition is up for sale via the print on demand company Blurb. Those following the development of the game may recall the name from a previous blog post. I had to switch to Blurb at the last minute because the company I originally picked for my final print runs does not ship to nearly as many places. Blurb is able to get the book to more people quicker, which is a win for everyone. With physical copies there is a short lead time and then the books ship directly from Blurb to you.

PDF copies of the game are being fulfilled by Drive Thru RPG. If you have an account already it should be just as easy as using the link to go to the store page and then buying as you would for any game from that platform. If you do not have an account, creating one is extremely easy.

All of the links can be found HERE.

Direct link to the PDF version HERE.

Direct link to the Blurb bookstore for physical copies HERE.

Missing minis and terrain? Need tokens, templates and rulers? Check out the the Anthems of War Resources page for all the downloads you’ll need. They can be used either in physical games or with some adjustments can be used in programs like Tabletop Simulator

Whats next for the game?

  • The beta character builder is up on the website now. It will be updated as time goes on.
  • I am working through the editing process of two videos. One showing the basics of the game and another showing off some of the ‘standard rules’ that get added to the game as you increase the complexity of your play. If these go over well I’ll be releasing more! Terrain basics, short battle reports and things like that are my ideas right now, but suggestions are always welcome over on the Discord
  • I am going to continue working on the first story campaign book. If an idea or two that are too small for a standalone book presents itself I may release those rules as a short blog post and one or two pager PDF that I will release for free.
  • I’ve playtested this game a ton, but of course as soon as a wider audience gets ahold of it rules clarifications may be needed. There is a channel in the discord for rules discussion. I’ll pin any official rulings there.
  • I will be at Hal-Con in Halifax, Nova Scotia the weekend of October 28th. I’ll have books, templates, tokens and dice there ready for sale, so if you’re local or planning to be in town for that event I will be the one stop shop for all your Anthems of War needs

Whats next for me? After Hal-Con I am taking a short vacation. Between work, convention prep and the final push on the book release I’ve not had much time for myself or my loved ones. I plan to spend some time with them

As always, links to all the socials and to the discord in the footer of this page. Thank you everyone, from the bottom of my heart and happy gaming!



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