Updates, Updates, Updates!


So it has been a few months since my last update. Progress has not stopped, actually quite the opposite! Lets dive into what has happened since the last update! Art There is a ton of awesome new art in the book now. In fact, other than a few straggling sections, there are only 2 chapters […]

The Hordes of Northreach

Banner with skeletons and town guards

Good morning blog folks! First I will get some news out of the way. This will be the last blog post for a few weeks. Between my day job and my impending marriage my time is in very short supply. I’ll be back in mid March with a new blog post and hopefully a ton […]

The Terrain of Anthems of War

wall fight

Terrain is HUGE for wargaming. The entire atmosphere can shift based on what you put on the table while the mechanics of the game would be identical if you used random stuff from around the house and tokens for characters. When you have a full painstakingly built city to fight over it makes the whole […]

Playtesting: Ironing Out the Bugs

short game image

Hey! So welcome to my first playtesting dev log! I will most likely do several of these talking about how playtesting is going, what we accomplished and the lessons learned. Over the last week I had the chance to playtest with 3 people in my bubble, Chris, John, and Matt. This will also be the […]

Creative Writing is Hard.

inspiration header

In my first post, “Dawn of a New Age” I spoke a little bit about the inspiration for Anthems of War. I wanted to dive a little deeper into this subject with the blog post this week. This is a really difficult topic to describe because how one person gets ideas is completely different from […]

How I Write

Anthems of War Cover

Writing is a tricky thing for me and writing a game is HARD. I am not a creative writer, even though I try. I tend to fall back on the same vocabulary, sentence structure, grammar problems, and familiar misspellings. That being said, I am sitting here with 122 pages of finished text. So how did […]

The Art of Anthems of War

bards in tavern

Art! In my mind art is SO important to how a game is received. Half the time, when browsing games in a store the very first thing I will do is look at the art. I know the whole ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ thing is always brought up, but when you flip […]

The Dawn of a New Age

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Hey there and welcome to the first Anthems of War blog post. If I have my way 2021 will be the year I release Anthems of War, my low model count fantasy skirmish wargame. But what is Anthems of War? Why did I create it? Why did I just spend the last 3 years writing, […]